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Welcome to the Fairtrade blog.

The Backpack Appeal is over!!!  The backpacks were collected by a volunteer driver who has taken them to be sorted in the Mary's Meals headquarters in Glasgow before being shipped to needy children around the world.

The pupils of P5 helped take the backpacks to the van. 

The driver thought the whole school community had been very generous with their donations and wanted to pass on a very big thank you to all who helped.


The final backpack is handed over with a firm handshake from our Fairtrade representative from P5B.

More information about Fairtrade can be found at

A special visitor came to the school today to show the pupils what happens to the backpacks after they send them away.  The pupils learned that the pupils in Malawi don't have any materials in their school to help them learn.  They are in very large classes and spend most of their day sitting listening to the teacher because they don't have any jotters to write on or pencils to write with.

The backpacks that we collected will be sent away soon.  If you have any other materials that you would like to include, please send them in as soon as possible.

The members of the Fairtrade Committee stack the backpacks in front of the Mary's Meals wall.  

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Posted: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 09:38:39 GMT by M Higgins | 0 Comments

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