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P4 - Clyde 1's Kool ride to School

One of our P4 pupils recently participated in a local radio competition run by Clyde 1 FM.  Her confident singing won over listeners and presenter, George Bowie on the station' s award winning breakfast show. For her efforts, she won a 'Kool ride to Skool' in an American style police cruiser complete with trooper chauffer, sirens and flashing lights. See the fun we had at St Angela's with presenter Pete and the broadcast from our playground.

Anarchy at St. Angela's (300x225)

Another song (300x225)

back seat drivers (225x300)

Bonjour P.P. (225x300)

captured (300x225)

Crowd control (300x225)

Flashy winner (225x300)

I predict a riot (300x225)

Mr McGoogle's Fab 4 (300x225)

P.P. records link (300x225)

P.P.'s growl (225x300)

P.P.'s Questions (300x225)

P.P.'s roar (300x225)

Playground link (300x225)

Playground P.P. (300x225)

Playground Police (300x225)

Rogues Gallery (300x225)

Smiley Special (225x300)

Usual Suspects (300x225)

Winner (300x225)

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