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P7 - Lockerbie Manor Day 2

Read about our adventures and see for yourself what we did on day 2


I liked the obstacle course because when I was running to the finish line my shoe fell off and I kept on running.  I liked the zip-line too because I banged into the tree at the end.


My favourite thing was the hillwalk as I love walking and it gave me the chance to try a new type of walk and to have determination to finish the hillwalk.  I also enjoyed the mental exercises as it streched your brain to the limit and it involved using planning skills and using lots of teamwork to try and work out the strategy to a problem.  We used lots of different strategies to work them out as well.


My favourite activity was the high ropes because it was very exciting but scary.  I also conquered one of my fears, because I do not like heights that much, and the high ropes were higher than I expected.  I felt very scared before going on but once I got on I felt a little less scared because I knew i would be OK.  I really enjoyed jumping off the platform because I conquered one of my fears.


I liked the archery.  I learned how to hold a bow and how to shoot the arrow and the person who was teaching us was called Chris.


My best moment was drama because I don't really like drama but I enjoyed doing it and I thought it was fun. I also liked the debate because the atmosphere was tense and exciting because you didn't know what the other team was going to say. During drama we did improvisation which was like a 3 scene play with dialogue, actions and music. The drama was hard because it was about whether woman did or didn't make a contribution to the war. I was on the side arguing that women didn't make a contribution.


My favourite activity at Lockerbie Manor was the obstacle course because Andrew pushed me through the tyres and I fell out the other side.


I really enjoyed the debate because it was hard to think of 'comebacks' and it was hard to research because everyone knew women did make a contribution to the war.  I enjoy a challenge and this was a challenge. My favourite part was when my group challenged them.


I liked abseiling because I did have the chance not to do this but I am proud that that I did it anyway. I also liked high ropes and low ropes because I am scared of heights but I decided to keep on going and also communication was key in low ropes because we had to figure out strategies to complete this.


I had fun doing the drama and I laughed a lot but now I don't laugh.  There were 3 scenes and you have to talk and do a play. I was a little boy in it and it was a bit hard and I was a bit nervous.

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