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P7 - Lockerbie Manor Day 1

Read about our adventures and see for yourself what we did on day 1:


In Lockerbie I enjoyed the disco and the high ropes.  The disco was fun but exhausting and the high ropes were really exciting and I'm glad I did it.  Also when I did rock climbing I never thought I would get to the top but I did. I really enjoyed Lockerbie Manor.  It was probably the best school trip I've had!  


Archery: My favourite film has archery in it so I felt like my favourite character and I got a really good score.  Fencing: It felt professional, we got to slap people with a glove and actually got to duel with people.  Blind-Trail: It was funny.  We were blinfolded and had to make our way through an obstacle course.  It was muddy and wet but it was hilarious and fun.  Disco:  We had a laugh singing and dancing, even the teachers joined in which was even funnier. Dorm's: The dorm's were nice.  I had the biggest room.  We had fun talking, laughing and pranking each other, dancing, eating, laughing and singing. 


I had a very good time at Lockerbie Manor and my favourite was the high ropes because I am not very fond of heights and the high ropes were very high but I did it. Also the staff and the instructors were very kind at Lockerbie which made my residential trip to Lockerbie Manor much more fun    


I mostly enjoyed  High Ropes    the most because I was going high and i became a sky runner because there were wooden planks and nothing to hold onto and I ran across it no-handed and then I did it one-footed and that's why I had the most fun doing the high ropes.  The second thing I enjoyed was the Blind-Trail because i was blinfolded and I couldn't see were I was going and my partner for it was Humna, a good friend of mine and when I was leading humna a boy called Adam was behind me and saying stuff in a funny way and i was bursting out laughing and shouted KIRSTY!!!  So I told Adam to be quiet so I could tell humna were to go.  Eventually he stopped and Humna finished the course. 


I really loved blind-trail and the disco. Blind-trail because I really liked the maze and worked effectively.  I liked the disco because all my favourite songs were played.


My favourite part of Lockerbie Manor was hillwalking because it was a very good atmosphere and I built up my stamina.  I was very confident doing the abseiling.


My favourite session at Lockerbie Manor was the obstacle course as it was challenging because my group did it in the dark.  We had to go through a tunnel that got lower and lower the more you went through. Some people lost their shoes in the mud. There were lots of puddles and deep mud that we had to 'army crawl' through. It was quite challenging but really fun.


My favourite activities were high ropes, survival and abseiling.  the high ropes gave me a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.  The survival taught me a lot about shelters and the elements needed.  Abseiling was tough and it gave me a real challenge.


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