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P7 - Lockerbie Manor Day 4

Read about our adventures and see for yourself what we did on day 4


My favourite thing in Lockerbie Manor was abseiling because I am scared of heights but I overcame my fear.


In Lockerbie I enjoyed the obstacle course and the blind-trail.  I enjoyed the obstacle course because I like climbing things and you got very, very muddy.  I liked the blind trail because I kept on walking into trees and I got caught in the spider's web.  Lockerbie is the best!


What I loved about Lockerbie the most was the High-ropes.  I loved the no-handed bridge because when I finished it I was called 'skywalker' and at the very end we jumped of the ledge and floated down.  The last activity was archery.  I loved it I felt like Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games books!


In Lockerbie, my favourite activity was high ropes because when I saw it, it looked easy but when I was on it I was terrified but I conquered my fears. After I had done this I wanted to do it again.


My highlight of the week was when I did Blind-trail because when me, Elle, Sarah and Vhairi were working together.nI had to wear a blindfold and tried to get the ball by following directions from my teammates. I think we effectively as a team and I would have done it again


My favourite activity was low-ropes because you never had a harness and if you fell off you would fall into mud. It was also lots of fun and different from all the rest.  It was the second last activity I did.


The zip-wire was really fun and more challenging than I thought. We had to wear a helmet & a harness. The height of it was tall and it was really fast when we were on it. Once we were finished we had to take of our caribiner (Which was attached to our harnesses.) There was also a metal button to release the string and take us down. I was the last one and the instructor forgot something for the harnesses but lucky he caught me.

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