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P7 - Lockerbie Manor Day 3

Read about our adventures and see for yourself what we did on day 3.


Lockerbie Manor was really good.  i enjoyed the zip-wire, crate stacking, blind-trail and the disco.  The zip-wire was really high but I did it and it was really fast.  The blind-trail was really good because we had to guide our partners.  My partner was Megan, she was really good at  directing me.  The care-stacking was fun and a bit scary but i did it and at the end they push the crates and you fall but you are attached to the ropes.  Last but not least the disco, it was really fun and i love to dance.  Lockerbie Manor was the best trip I have ever been on.


My favourite activity was Survival because my group and me worked together very well and it was fun.  our group managed to sell our shelter.  We had our bed which was attached to 2 trees.  Next to it was our shelter then we had our fireplace with a big thick log to sit on.  We all managed to fit in it.


When I was at Lockerbie Manor I did lots of activities. One of my favourites was abseiling and I loved hillwalking.  All of the staff were very helpful and kind to us and I will definitely remember this P7 trip for a long time.  I learned on this trip that I can do anything, even if I am scared.


I loved the disco because it was awesome, the music was good.  Me, Marium and Mya were dancing together and it was fun.  the instructors were so funny, they were dancing with us, the DJ was cool.  It was great fun. Blind-trail was amazing, first I thought I would get so muddy I didn't want to do it but I said I will give it a go and I kept on banging into trees but I loved it.


My favourite activity was blind-trail because we could not see. We went round a course with a mask, my partner was Ahmed, he was so funny.  He got cold and muddy and that made him nearly cry. After the course we went through a maze with our mask on.  There were a few obstacles in the maze but they were hard to see. In the maze we had to go single file holding each other's shoulder. I was at the front.  When I was at the front everyone said I went too fast at the end of it. When we finished 4 people were lost in the maze.


In Lockerbie, I really enjoyed orienteering because we walked over the whole place.  We searched for tags that we were to clip onto our slip. I also enjoyed running around for a long time. We were given a map of Lockerbie Manor and I found it was much bigger than I imagined.


I liked drama because I put myself into the character's shoes.  Usually I would start laughing but I controlled myself. I also liked the debate that women did contribute in the war.  We were all shouting at each other, it was funny.


In Lockerbie my favourite activity was the obstacle course because it was muddy and there were about 15 different activities.

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