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Badger the Mystical Mutt - Badger & Author Visit 10.3.2014

Look at the excitement of the children in the photos below, as they are entertained by Badger the Mystical Mutt, and hear part of the first book read by one of the authors:-

A (500x375)

Aa (375x500)

B (500x375)

Bb (375x500)

C (500x375)

Cc (375x500)

D (500x375)

Dd (375x500)

E (375x500)

Ee (375x500)

F (375x500)

Ff (375x500)

Gg (375x500)

H (375x500)

Hh (500x375)

I (500x375)

Ii (375x500)

J (500x375)

K (375x500)

L (375x500)

M (375x500)

N (500x375)

O (500x375)

P (500x375)

Q (500x375)

R (375x500)

S (375x500)

T (375x500)

U (375x500)

V (500x375)

W (375x500)

X (375x500)

Y (500x375)

Z (375x500)

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