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P7 - Lockerbie Manor Days 3/4

Read about our adventures and see for yourself what we did on days  3 and 4.


My favourite time was the disco.  There was dancing and singing.  The girls were screaming when a different song came on.  The lights were bizarre with different colours and shapes.  There was a break and we got a glass of water.  Me and my friends were dancing for most of the time.  The teachers had a little fun as well.


My favourite activity was crate stacking because it was really fun and challenging.  It involved a lot of teamwork as there were tough situations.  When it was my turn to do it, I was wobbling so much that our instructor had to hold onto the boxes so they wouldn't fall.  I had a great time it was so much fun.


My favourite activity was crate stacking because it was a race to stack up crates.  When the time finishes the instructors kick the crates and I was dangling up because I was wearing a harness to protect me from falling.


I liked the obstacle course because we did lots of teamwork and we had races at the end. We also had a good laugh while we helped each other. I also enjoyed the high-ropes because I conquered my fears. Also I enjoyed the wobbly bridge. The coach told me to run across the bridge which was part of the high ropes.


I liked drama because it was quite hard for me because I usually laugh a lot and I tried not to laugh.  I also liked the experiment that we did because you find out which soap is faster to break up and it was shower gel.


My favourite part of the week was high-ropes because we were really high up and we had to go through a shaky tunnel and walk on lots of shaky bridges. I also liked the disco because it was really fun and the DJ played good songs.

Day 3.4 A (500x375)

Day 3.4 Aa (500x375)

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