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P4 - 2014 Pancake café


Primary 4a opened their 1 day only 'Pancake café' on Pancake Tuesday.  This café was open to all pupils and staff of St. Angela's Primary, who paid 50p for a juice and a pancake with the topping of their choice from chocolate spread, butter or jam. Our P4a pupils raised £132.30 in order to fund a tour of Glasgow as part of their social studies topic. This event and the associated preparations gave the pupils an authentic context for learning in: Numeracy, Literacy, Enterprise and Expressive Arts, as the pupils promoted the event and managed the accounts in addition to serving, prepping and waiting on the day. 

Have a look for yourself in the photos below.


53, 54, 55, 56...

Almost too good to eat!

Busy service

But I didn't eat your pancake!

Friendly staff

Give us a few minutes

Going... going...


I did these

I've served my 50th pancake

Jam, butter or chocolate

Ladies that lunch

Look who's at the next table



Oh and today's special... Pancakes

One for you, one for me

Panda pancake

Portion control

Production line

Satisfied customers

That's P... A... N... C... A... K... E.

Thirsty work

This one even sounds yummy

Your change Sir

Your pancake Madam

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