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All of the activities and achievements of our Eco committees over the last 5 years can be found here.

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2nd Eco Flag Celebration - 12/05/2014 23:18:26
We celebrated the award of our 2nd Eco flag with a Balloon race. Watch the video of the balloon launch to see this exciting, whole school event. . ... (Read more)
Rag Bag Appeal January 2012 - 12/05/2014 23:15:33
Thank You Our recent Rag Bag appeal raised a fantastic £71.50. On behalf of the Eco Committee thank you for your continued support and constributions to our collection container ... (Read more)
After School Clubs 2011/2012 - 12/05/2014 23:14:28
After School Clubs 2011-2012 As a health promoting school, St Angela’s Primary recognises the importance of after school clubs in keeping our pupils fit and healthy as well as developing ... (Read more)
We Have Our Flag Pole - Thank You Arnold Clark - 12/05/2014 23:13:35
We Will Soon Be Flying Our Green Flag Everyone in St. Angela's would like to say a big thank you to the parent of a child in our Nursery School who secured not one, but two flag poles for our school. ... (Read more)
Our Litter & Energy Monitors 2011/2012 - 12/05/2014 23:12:46
Our Litter & Energy Monitors 2011/2012 In an effort to reduce energy wastage and litter in our school grounds, St. Angela’s has its very own Litter and Energy Monitors. ... (Read more)
Marie Curie Mini Pots of Care 2011/2012 - 12/05/2014 23:11:57
Marie Curie Mini Pots of Care 2011/2012 St. Angela's Primary School is delighted to be participating in Marie Curie's Mini Pots of Care fundraising initiative once again this year. We look forward ... (Read more)
Jewellery Recycling 2011/2012 - 12/05/2014 23:11:07
Jewellery Recycling 2011/2012 As well as recycling textiles here at St. Angela's, we also recycle all forms of jewellery. Please help us raise vital funds for our ... (Read more)
St. Angela's Walking Bus 2011/2012 - 12/05/2014 23:09:28
St. Angela's Walking Bus 2011/2012 NEW PASSENGERS AND CONDUCTORS WANTED!!! We would be delighted if more and more pupils continue to join us EVERY TUESDAY for what we hope ... (Read more)
Our JRSO Officers 2011/2012 - 12/05/2014 23:08:38
Our WOW Monitors 2011/2012 My name is Subhan and I am a Junior Road Safety Officer. I am in P6A and I am one along with Megan who is in P6B. I wanted to join J.R.S.O because I would ... (Read more)
Rag Bag Textile Recycling Scheme 2011/2012 - 12/05/2014 23:07:38
Rag Bag Textile Recycling Scheme 2011/2012 August 2011 Collection £32.40 Thank you to those of you who have donated and continue to donate to our school's Rag Bag ... (Read more)
ter School Clubs 2011/2012 - 12/05/2014 23:06:51
After School Clubs 2011/2012 The after school clubs list at St. Angela's is wide and varied. As a health promoting school , staff, parents and pupils recognise the ... (Read more)
Environmental Review 2011/2012 - 12/05/2014 23:05:57
Environmental Review 2011/2012 After conducting a thorough Environmental Review of our School, the Eco Committee has decided to focus on Litter, Transport and Health and Wellbeing this session. ... (Read more)
Our Eco Code 2011/2012 - 12/05/2014 23:04:51
Our New Eco Code 2011/2012 Our Eco Code has been updated for 2011/2012 to take account of the importance of Transport and Food and the Environment to our Eco Schools work. ... (Read more)
Eco Committee 2011/2012 - 12/05/2014 23:03:35
Eco Committee 2011/2012 Primary 1a Adam Primary1b Luca Primary 2a Yelena ... (Read more)
St. Angela's Walking Bus Departs!!!2010/2011 - 12/05/2014 23:02:12
St. Angela's Walking Bus is Now Up and Running Despite a shaky start, our school's Walking Bus is now up and running successfully with 23 pupils having taken part in our second week's ... (Read more)
The Fair Trade Committee's Big Brew 2010/2011 - 12/05/2014 23:01:14
Big Brew - Big Success Well done to the Fairtrade Committee for the fantastic job they did in organising the Big Brew event in support of Fairtrade. It was a very busy day with around 600 ... (Read more)
Clyde in the Classroom (Primary 6) 2010/2011 - 12/05/2014 22:58:16
Clyde in the Classroom - Primary 6 2010 - 11 P6 have been doing a project about fish called Clyde in the classroom, in which we received ... (Read more)
Primary 2 Get Ready for Bug Month 2011! - 12/05/2014 22:57:17
Bug Month 2011 The boys and girls in our three primary 2 classes can’t wait to take part in this year’s Bug Month! As one of the first 1,200 schools to sign up for ... (Read more)
Pupils Gear Up for Climate Week 2011 - 12/05/2014 22:56:15
Climate Change Week 21 March 2011 Here at St. Angela’s we are all very excited about this year’s Climate Week, which begins on the 21 st of March. ... (Read more)
Christmas Card Recycling - 12/05/2014 22:54:56
Christmas Card Recycling For information on this scheme, please read the following: Shoppers can bring some New Year cheer to charity while also helping the environment by recycling ... (Read more)
St. Angeal's Go For Gold! (Carbon Savers) - 12/05/2014 22:53:29
St. Angela’s Win Gold in the Carbon Savers Scheme! St. Angela’s have are delighted to have received a Gold Award for saving at least 10% of electricity in our school ... (Read more)
The Nursery's Recycling Song - 12/05/2014 22:51:26
Recycling Song (To the tune of "Ten Green Bottles") Reduce, reuse, recycle, Don't throw your junk away. Reduce, reuse, recycle, We have ... (Read more)
Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers 2010/11 - 12/05/2014 22:50:39
Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers 2010/11 It's that time of year again...Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers are starting on 9/02/11 to 31/05/11. As in previous years we are collecting ... (Read more)
Our WOW Monitors 2010/11 - 12/05/2014 22:49:47
Our names are Jennifer and Taylor, We have been chosen to be the WOW monitors for 2010/2011. Our job involves giving out and collecting the walk to school charts on a monthly basis. We help to ... (Read more)
Primary 2 go on a Minibeast Hunt! 2010/11 - 12/05/2014 22:48:48
The boys and girls in Primary 2 recently went on a Minibeast hunt. They used Minibeast Spotting Sheets to record what they found! Everyone really enjoyed doing an active activity during topic ... (Read more)
Marie Curie Pots of Care 2010/11 - 12/05/2014 22:48:01
Marie Curie Mini Pots of Care Last year, Primary 7A grew daffodils as part of our Science course. They had been studying Plant Biology and thought that growing a plant would help them ... (Read more)
Our Eco Earth Prayer 2010/11 - 12/05/2014 22:47:12
Our Eco Earth Prayer We join with the Earth and with each other To bring new life to the land To restore the waters To refresh the air ... (Read more)
Primary 5 1.5k at Glasgow Green! 2010/11 - 12/05/2014 22:46:17
The boys and girls of Primary 4A recently took part in a 1.5k run at Glasgow Green. As a Health Promoting school, we are always finding new ways to keep fit and healthy and the option to ... (Read more)
Zoo Lab Visits Primary 2B 2010/11 - 12/05/2014 22:45:03
The boys and girls of Primary 2B thoroughly enjoyed a recent visit from Zoo Lab - the only UK provider of animal handling workshops! Amongst the wild and wonderful animals experienced by the ... (Read more)
Rag Bag Textile Reycling 2010/2011 - 12/05/2014 22:44:03
Rag Bag Textile Recycling 2010/2011 ... (Read more)
After School Clubs 2010/2011 - 12/05/2014 22:43:07
The after school clubs list at St. Angela's is wide and varied. As a health promoting school , staff, parents and pupils recognise the importance of keeping fit and healthy and part of this ... (Read more)
Gardening Club 2010/2011 - 12/05/2014 22:42:17
Our School Gardening Club This year Miss Duffy and Mrs Malone are running the school gardening club. Consisting of 16 pupils, the club meets monthly in winter and more regularly in spring/summer. ... (Read more)
Our Eco Code 2010/2011 - 12/05/2014 22:41:15
Members of the Eco Committee have reviewed last year’s Eco Code and have unanimously agreed that it is relevant to our eco aims and objectives for session 2010/2011. The ... (Read more)
Scottish Power - Power Wise Workshops 2010/2011 - 12/05/2014 22:39:23
Primary 5 and 6 pupils have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Scottish Power's Power Wise Public Safety Workshops. Formerly “Be Safe with ScottishPower”, this is a pioneering ... (Read more)
Eco Committee 2010/2011 - 12/05/2014 22:38:09
As always, this year's Eco Committee members were chosen by their peers by means of an election. All pupils who showed an interest in joining the Committee were voted for by their peers ... (Read more)
St. Angela's & The Woodland Trust 2010 - 12/05/2014 22:36:36
St. Angela's & The Woodland Trust 2010 The Woodland Trust is offering schools free packs of trees to plant in their own grounds in March 2010. In an effort to bring wildlife, colour, ... (Read more)
Recycling At St. Angela's 2009/10 - 12/05/2014 22:36:01
Recycling at St. Angela's Here at St. Angela's we take recycling very seriously. Each base area has its very own paper recycling box, all of which are emptied by two Eco Committee ... (Read more)
St. Angela's Saves Energy! 2010 - 12/05/2014 22:34:29
Switch off Fortnight St. Angela's Primary School participated in a special energy saving event entitled Switch Off Fortnight. Members of the Eco Committee delivered a short presentation ... (Read more)
Environmental Review 2009/10 - 12/05/2014 22:32:57
2009/2010 Environmental Review Members of the Eco Committee allocated classes different sections of the Eco Schools Environmental Review Checklist to complete with their teacher. ... (Read more)
Our Eco Code 2009/10 - 12/05/2014 22:31:24
This is our school's Eco Code which is on display in each classroom throughout the school. The purspose of our Eco Code is to remind staff and pupils what we need to do to achieve Green Flag Status. ... (Read more)
Let's Grow Campaign - 12/05/2014 22:28:10
Let’s Grow Campaign 2009 October – November 2009 We believe in partnership with industry and commerce and that we will do best if we all work ... (Read more)
Indoor Garden! 2009/10 - 12/05/2014 22:26:41
Indoor Eco-Friendly Garden Primary 2 have been “busy bees” creating our very own Indoor Eco-Friendly Garden. The very special ... (Read more)
The Gardening Club 2009/10 - 12/05/2014 22:25:21
St. Angela's Gardening Club 2009/10 St. Angela's Primary School has its very own Gardening Club! Supervised by Miss Duffy, pupils meet on the first Tuesday of each month for ... (Read more)
Marie Curie Mini Pots of Care - 12/05/2014 22:23:30
Marie Curie Mini Pots of Care Last term Primary 7a grew daffodils as part of our Science course. We have been studying Plant Biology this term and thought that growing a plant would ... (Read more)
School Travel Plan 2010 - 12/05/2014 22:21:10
St. Angela's School Travel Plan 2010 Mrs Watson, our Depute Head thought that it would be a great idea if we could make a Travel Plan for our school. The main aim of the Travel ... (Read more)
Our Outdoor Eco Garden 2009/10 - 12/05/2014 22:19:12
St. Angela's Outdoor Eco Garden The pupils and staff at St. Angela's are all very proud of our beautiful outdoor Eco Garden. A lot of time and effort has been spent during our Days ... (Read more)
RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch 2010 - 12/05/2014 22:17:40
The RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2010 Mr Young’s Primary 6 pupils participated in this year’s Big Schoolyard Birdwatch which ... (Read more)
Fones 4 Schools Campaign - 12/05/2014 22:16:06
Fones 4 Schools Campaign St. Angela’s is taking part, once again, in the Fones 4 Schools Campaign. We have successfully carried out this campaign over the last 2 years and appreciate ... (Read more)
Our Eco Committee 2009/ 2010 - 12/05/2014 22:12:58
St. Angela's Eco Committee 2009/10 The members of this year's Eco Committee were selected by means of an election. All pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 7 who were interested in joining ... (Read more)
Time for the Eco Flag 2009/ 2010 - 12/05/2014 22:09:07
2009/2010 St Angela’s Primary School 227 Glen Moriston Road Darnley Glasgow G53 7HT St. Angela's Primary School participates in the ... (Read more)