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Fruity Friday


Fruity Friday
Health Committee
Fruity Friday
     On Friday’s only healthy snacks should be eaten.
     No junk food should be brought into school as a snack at playtime.
     You can bring in fruit, water or other healthy snacks.
Fruity Friday
     We will start Fruity Friday on 27th February
     The trial period will run until Easter and we want YOUR feedback!
     If Fruity Friday is successful we will continue it every Friday.
Fruity Friday
Poster Competition
     We are holding a competition to help us promote Fruity Friday around the school.
     Health Committee members will come round all classes with paper for children to design a poster.
Fruity Friday Re-cap
     No junk food snacks on Friday
     Only healthy drinks and snacks on Friday
     All children have to design a poster promoting Fruity Friday
     Poster designs will be collected on 26th November.
Our Fruity Friday Trophies - 12/05/2009 09:59:19
Every week the class that has eaten the most fruit and brought in their water bottles every day are given our Fruity Friday Trophies. Each class tries very hard to win the trophies and have them in their ... (Read more)
What is Fruity Friday? - 31/03/2009 14:59:30
Fruity Friday Fruity Friday is a day that the Health Committee organises each Friday. We encourage the ... (Read more)