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Pro-Community Cup 2013

Click her to view official advertisment for inaugural event 15 June 2013

St. Angela's Primary School is an important part of a wider community which strives to support healthy development in young people. To meet those aims St. Angela's alongside Cleeves Primary School, Darnley Primary School, St Bernard's Primary School and Hillwood Boys Club have worked in partnership to develop an annual 7-a-side football tournament for the children of P4 – P6 age group within our community. On Saturday 15 June 2013, the inaugural Pro-Community Cup will be hosted by St Angela’s Primary School, Darnley.

On an annual basis we have agreed to consider and decide the community theme and what message we would like to convey. We seek your continued support to fulfil those aims and ensure our young people are inspired by positive community action, behaviour and cooperation.
This year the agreed theme is:
‘Vandalism – it does impact on all of us’
Our children attend school to learn and develop as young people. The resources put aside to support them need to be protected as to do without is to negatively impact on the learning and development of our young people.
Vandalism has impacted our young people since as a result they have been denied opportunities such as:
· Taking part in organised sport
· Developing and exploring their imagination and ideas with safe outdoor fixtures
· Using equipment to support their learning
· Developing new skills
· Improving current skills
We need to inspire our young people.
We need to support our young people.
We support the Pro-Community Cup.
Please support our young people, our teachers and our community by enthusiastically supporting the Pro-Community Cup, especially in this inaugral event.