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Match Report 16/2/2013

“On Saturday 16th February 2013, the team played for the first time on a full length boggy grass pitch with full length goals. It had a nice slope that would be great for skiing in the winter snow on Ski Sunday. Luckily there was no snow and as the game progressed the team got acclimatised to the conditions producing some nice passing movements ably provided by Liam, Ryan and Reece. We also scored a well taken penalty by Erin after some good build up play. Our young team fought hard throughout the whole game with some players just back from illness finding their feet with the pace of the game.

We have purchased football goals this weekend so the players can practice shooting during future training sessions. Something they have not been able to do the whole season due to the bad state of our football pitch and lack of appropriately installed football goals.
We are hopeful Glasgow City Council will take action very soon to resolve the situation surrounding our Multi Use Games Area known as the MUGA. A few of our locally elected councillors have taken an active interest in the plight of our school so please watch this space.
Our young team has lost out on the advantage of playing home games at home.
They have not experienced the St Angela’s Roar and have been denied the opportunity to be supported by additional family members and school friends when playing their home games due to the distance and transport difficulties for their games ‘home’ and away.
They have lost out on the advantage of training with a fully functional facility.
We insist they NOW experience training on a fully functional facility and playing home games at St Angela’s Primary School before the start of next season.”