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Fundraising Success!

Friday Fundraiser & Player Presentation – The Story

“On Friday 1 February 2013, we knew the pressure was on when Hannah, Young Reporter with St Angela’s Times, turned up unannounced looking for a scoop. She was direct, catching us off balance, the same feeling us Coaches have after running around the MUGA a few times. She asked "why is this so big? Why are children, parents and teachers talking about it? Why are so many local businesses supporting our cause? Why … why … why ..?
Phew … we knew this was going to be difficult we had a lot to live up too. What is our community expecting? This young reporter was doing her job well. The pressure was now on us Coaches; we now know and better appreciate how the players must feel just before kick-off, on a Saturday morning.
We were hoping it was going to be a great success but we knew the ‘punters’ needed to turn up. Gladly they did with most arriving after the designated start time citing ‘getting dressed took longer than I expected’ and ‘I was putting my make up on’ and ‘I was preparing my acceptance speech’ and off course the old chestnut ‘childcare problems’. We knew these excuses were just a ‘cover’ as most of the children had arrived earlier to the event. We found out later the ‘punters’ had been checking out the form of the horses taking part in the race event. Spread betting became the norm.
The evening programme got underway late due to a false start whilst the forecast provided was ‘the going was good’. We progressed well overcoming some hurdles along the way. The player’s presentation was opened by Brendan Duffy, Head Teacher, with official photographs taken by Mike Bruce, Team Photographer. We quickly found out we have a few posers in the team, not just the children. All the players received an individual trophy, certificate and gift. The main prize winners received an additional trophy as follows:
Top Goal Scorer                                    Liam McGinlay (Captain)
Best Tackler                                           Declan McDermott
Most Improved Player                           Shayaan Majeed        
Best Trainer                                           Jamie O’Neill
Most Assists                                          Palsingh Sarao (Vice-Captain)
Best Team Player                                 Reece Walsh
Special Merit Award                              Erin McGowan
Player of the Year 2013                        Cameron Bruce
Player’s Player of the Year 2013        Liam McGinlay (Captain)
We know there are some disappointments but we expect all our players to be inspired, energized and encouraged knowing they will positively respond by working harder for the rest of this football season and the next.
The ‘Main Raffle’ was interesting as we had in excess of 700 tickets (sold to customers in workplaces, St Louise Parish and our school grounds) in a box with various colours and the unexpected happened. The winner of the Autographed Celtic Shirt (Donated by Jennifer Innes) was part of a group who had donated the Autographed Rangers Football Shirt (Donated by Hillwood Boys Club). I think you can guess what happened next even the official on-site bookies gave the odds as 5,000/1. The winner of the Autographed Rangers Football Shirt came from the family who had donated the Autographed Celtic Football Shirt. I am sure they both got a great deal! They were all very happy about it and it brought many smiles to those attending. Luckily the Team Captain and Vice-Captain drew the winning tickets to remove any potential bias.
T he coaches express our sincere thanks to the following backroom staff and supporters whose encouragement, endeavour and financial backing made this event possible and more importantly made it such a great success:
Cheryll & Willie Rooney of D&R Tyres Ltd – Main Sponsor
Shirley Muir – Major Fundraiser                                    Lisa Buik – Major Fundraiser
Jennifer Innes – Major Supporter                                 Tariq Majeed – Major Supporter
Mike Bruce – Official Photographer & Bookie            Gordon Allan – Bookie
Gina McDermott – School Ground Raffle Seller                                
Our Other Sponsors
Pro-Soccer, Rouken Glen                                            Belt-Up Trophies, Uddingston
50 – 50 Cabs Ltd, Glasgow                                        Shields Land Rover, Darnley
Macklin Motors, Darnley                                               Enchanted Forest Nursery, Thornliebank
Allan Joinery, Elgin                                                       Amby Drywall, Glasgow
Domino’s Pizza, Darnley                                             PMS Fabrications Ltd, Carlisle
Glasgow Fitness Centre, Thornliebank                   Trisha Harte Hairdressing, Glasgow
The Salon Giffnock, Glasgow                                     Hi Quality Cuts, Glasgow
Capelli Hair & Beauty, Glasgow                                 R&R Brown & Sons (Butchers), Glasgow
John’s Fish & Chicken Bar, Glasgow                       The Thai Sun, Glasgow
Nando’s, Silverburn                                                      Wagamama, Silverburn
Sportykids, Thornliebank                                            and many more …
Hannah, Reporter of the St Angela’s Times, you kept asking why?
We just knew with the tremendous support and encouragement received we would make it possible for the team to pay of all outstanding debt for our football strips and other items. We did even better as we have raised enough money to help us purchase football training goals as well as having an enjoyable and fantastic night of entertainment. Hannah, we know you will report on us fairly, and state this event was big, and a... GREAT SUCCESS
We fundraised   £2,500
We have paid off all our debts leaving  £1,400+
Happy footballing,
Paul Lett, Head Coach
Tom Buik, Coach and Organiser
Christopher Moore, Goalkeeping Coach