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JRSO Road Safety Poster Competition

Hi, my name is Brooke and I am one of the Junior Road Safety Officers for our school.  Hi my name is Bhavani and I am one of the Junior Road safety officers for our school.

Our job is to encourage road safety within the community and we will be carrying out different tasks throughout the year.
As part of our duties we have been asked to organise a competition for the pupils and nursery children in our school to design a road safety poster. The winning Poster will be used on the Glasgow 2014 Road safety calendar which will be distributed to all Glasgow Schools.
1.    This task is optional and you do not need to take part.
2.   This can be taken home and done as part of homework.
3.   Colour poster to be submitted on A5 piece of paper which will be handed out by us to all class teachers at the end of assembly.
4.   Themes you can choose from are A) Cycle Safety B)Safer Crossing Places. C) Green cross code.
5.   Please put name, class and School on the back of each entry.
6.   Please return all entries to the office by Monday the 5th of November.

Thank you for your time and good luck with the competition.