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Capacity & School Hours

PRESENT PRIMARY  ROLL : 421                              PRESENT NURSERY  ROLL : 60

MAXIMUM CAPACITY : 394                                      MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 60 (30/30)

Parents/guardians should note that the                           The nursery waiting list is extensive. You are

working capacity of the school may                               advised to have your child’s name added to

vary dependent upon the number of                               the waiting list when he or she is 2 years old.

pupils at each stage and the way                                    There is no guarantee, however, that every

in which the classes are organised.                                 child can be granted a nursery place.



Starts                                9.00am  

Morning Interval             10.30am -10.45am

Lunch                             12.15pm – 1.10pm                        

Dismissal                          3.10pm  




 N.B. -  P1 pupils attend school mornings only until the 1st September 2014. 



Nursery Class                               Core Sessions   


Starts                   8.40am                     9.00am

Dismissal           11.50am                   11.30am



Starts                  12.45pm                  12.45pm  

Dismissal              3.55pm                    3.15pm



Glasgow City Council’s Breakfast Club runs in the school from 8.15 – 8.45 am

Darnley After Schools Service (DASS) is held in the Darnley Community Centre and Darnley Primary School for children of working parents. Tel: 0141 620 1120



School Holidays for 2014 - 2015

Return Date for Teachers Monday 11 August 2014
Return Date for Pupils Wednesday 13 August 2014
September Weekend Friday 26 and Monday 29 September 2014
First Mid-Term Monday 13 to Friday 17 October 2014
Christmas/New Year Monday 22 December 2014 to Friday 2 January 2015
* Please note that schools will close at 2.30pm on the last school day before the holiday
2015 Return to School Monday 5 January 2015
Second Mid-Term Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 February 2015
Spring Holiday Friday 3 to Friday 17 April 2015 (inclusive)
Good Friday is 3 April 2015
and Easter Monday is 6 April 2015
* Please note that schools will close at 2.30pm on the last school day before the holiday
May Day Monday 4 May 2015
May Weekend Friday 22 and Monday 25 May 2015
School Close Wednesday 24 June 2015
* Please note that schools will close at 1pm on the last school day before the holiday

In-Service Days

Day 1 Monday 11 August 2014 All Schools
Day 2 Tuesday 12 August 2014 All Schools
Day 3 Thursday 18 September 2014 All Schools
Day 4
Friday 19 September 2014 All Schools
Day 5
Wednesday 11 February 2015 All Schools
Day 6
Thursday 7 May 2015 All Schools