St Angela's Primary and Nursery Class
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Homework Help!!!

To aid parents and pupils, there will be a range of advice available soon on homework help.  Reading skills will be the initial focus, but if there is a another topic you would like more immediate advice on, please contact the school. 

3 x table

Posted: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 23:25:59 GMT | 0 Comments

2 x table

Revising tables can be difficult; use the recording to help build up confidence in reciting the 2 x table.

Posted: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 23:18:25 GMT | 0 Comments

Bilingual Support

In this short clip a specialist bilingual teacher uses two languages to help develop the pupil's understanding of thick and thin.   

Posted: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 04:03:39 GMT | 0 Comments