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Parent Responses from Open Evening: September 14th, 2010
  • Open door policy
  • Commitment to learning
  • Very good discipline
  •  Friendly atmosphere
  • Children getting fantastic education
  • being able to offer a viewpoint as a parent is a strength of the leadership
  • great staff
  • if the body of work on the walls is anything to go by, our son will have an excellent education
  • a nice, warm, welcoming school
  • excellent relationship between pupils, teachers and parents
  • the way that the teachers, children and parents work well together
  • school is welcoming and inclusive
  • celebrating all faiths
  • senior staff know all pupils
  • teachers really helpful
  • the children seem to love the school
  • a new HT who is looking to talk to parents and is seeking our views
  • excellent input for children who require support for learning
  • as a former pupil I am amazed at how far the school has come. I’m also glad to see the new holistic approach to learning
  • every wall is full, indicating a commitment to interesting and engaging work
  • Excellent parent/teacher relations
  • Regular communication (make more use of the website)
  • Keep strong the awareness of how children should respect the wishes and feelings of others- one of the strengths of the school
  • PTA
  • Promoting sport
  • Keep dialogue open with parents
  • Buddy system
Areas for Improvement?
  • Less in-service days
  • Assembly hall is a big problem in terms of size and multiple uses
  • School intake going up every year
  • Too many cars in surrounding streets
  • A tendency to dumb things down sometimes
  • More info about Curriculum for Excellence
  • Open school at night for community clubs
  • Too much language homework for P2
  • Open school earlier when weather is inclement
  • More teacher/parent involvement in Church
  • Treat all equally
  • Seriously teach music and have a choir
  • More ICT
  • More places in clubs
  • Paint assembly hall
  • Provide changing facilities for P.E.
  • Provide suitable eating area for packed lunches
  • Push able children
  • Fix parking
  • P.E. twice a week
  • Improve way info is given to parents e.g. info book or send home 1 paper weekly
  • Bigger and better play areas
  • In p3/4/5 all children not preparing for Sacraments should be allowed to join in the class if parents wish and not be excluded
  • Encourage more parent input in school issues
  • 1 additional parent evening
  • Consult parents fully regarding all areas of their children’s development before implementing change
  • More representation at St Bernard’s during Sacraments
  • More info regarding homework
  • Not very good giving info about homework and education changes
What information do you need?
  • How will children be assessed if there are no National Assessments?
  • More info about after school clubs
  • Want to know more about levels of achievement
  • More info on how child is doing- not only at parents’ night
  • Info about curriculum
  • What is active learning?
  • Regular updates on active schools
  • How much time per week is allocated to R.E.?
  • How to teach children sounds etc
  • More updates on kids’ projects
  • Information very poor

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