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How satisfied are you with the content of homework provided for your child? Are instructions issued with homework task clear enough?
  • It seems reasonable, sometimes there can be conflict with what my child says she has to do, and what she says done in class. However I think this can be down to her understanding of what exactly she has to complete for homework.
  • Quite satisfied. A good mix of literacy and numeracy work with occasional project work which my child can do. Would like to see work from other curricular areas and exercises to stretch her more.
  • Instructions are usually clear but on occasion work that needs to be completed isn’t in the homework bag. Instructions are usually clear enough as I was able to attend the homework/teaching methods sessions in the school which has helped my understanding, however my husband feels the instructions could be clearer
  • I think content is fine unless school projects are sent home (ie solar system) in which case it becomes more the parents homework than the child’s.
  • I am happy with the content of the homework however I would say the instructions are not clear enough at all. We need to bear in mind it might not always be the parent doing the homework each evening and sometimes it may be a grandma etc who is not familiar with what the “nine sounds” are or what the “revise words” are. They are not very user friendly and usually leave more questions than answers. I think a fresh set of eyes that has never “tackled” homework before should proof read the instructions before issuing to pupils to take home. Being a first time parent to a P1 I was very much in the “unconscious incompetent” stage as I was unaware of what was required of me and reading the homework instructions brought no relief so I think this needs to be addressed.
  • Sometime the instructions could be clearer but the “normal” daily homework instructions are fine.
  • Sometimes the reliance on the pupil to record their homework is not clear. I like getting the homework advice for the week on a Monday
  • No there are no instructions with my childs homework and getting my child to explain can be difficult if he hasn’t grasped the idea neither. I also think he does not get enough homework to keep him interested in school and his subjects that we are now doing extra work with him at home!
  • Very satisfied, occasionally P1 homework guidance could be clearer.
  • I think it is good in that there is structure and routine. However it can be very boring sometimes doing the same tasks. It is helpful to see the level and the progression and to see what is going on at school. Usually instructions are clear enough, but occasionally something extra is sent home and we don’t know when it is to be completed by.
  • I am very satisfied with the homework tasks that my son brings home sometimes I don’t understand question but that my learning bankruptcy
  • I am fairly satisfied, however, come across instructions that aren’t clear the odd time; also when we write in a comment we don’t get a reply back. I’m still waiting on a reply to a comment my husband made on last week’s homework. It took my daughter nearly an hour one night hence us questioning it. Also – are we expected to supply the paper in some cases?


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